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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in the U.S.A.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to the States for a whirlwind tour of Newark, NJ, and Boston. Barring any airline delay disasters, I will have the opportunity to sleep in my own bed for a few hours - before getting up to start packing up diapers, Cheerios, and a few other things to import back into Germany.

Included in that list of imports will be SJ's grandparents, who coincidentally, will be on the same flight back to Cologne as I will. They will be joining us for a 2 week stay. The first week, SJ will give them a special tour of Bonn she refers to as "SJ's Germany". Trips to the park. Ice cream. Rosinenbroetchen. Naps. The Pedestrian Zone. Etc. The second week, all of us will head out for a trip to Berlin, then on to Salzburg, and then back to Bonn.


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