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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Winds of Change

Today is November 1st, which is a public holiday in Germany. It also appears to mark the end of a remarkably great stretch of weather.

Since we've been here, the weather in Germany has been very curious. Every month has been completely different, and every month the weather has changed almost with the exact flip of the calendar.

July was the hottest July ever in Germany. However, at the beginning of August, the weather completely changed.

August was actually a fairly cold month, where it was rainy and about 50 degrees on almost every day. But then, as soon as September hit, the weather warmed up quite a bit, and it barely rained at all.

October was an unusually warm month for Bonn. The weather was about 60-65 degrees just about every day. It was quite the topic of conversation around the water cooler (well, if we had a water cooler - I guess you could say it was the topic of conversation around the coffee machine).

But, today marks the beginning of November, and it is bitterly cold. This morning it must have been in the 40s, with high winds and a cold rain. There has also been some talk of snow tomorrow. If November ends up being a miserable month, that will be a bummer, but then maybe we can look forward to wearing shortsleeves in December - you never know.


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