SJ on the Move

Monday, March 26, 2007

House Hunting

This past weekend was spent by looking at houses. I think we saw 10 total over 2 days. That's quite a bit. SJ was happy scoping out the backyards of all the homes with her friends, Ethan and Isaac. They especially liked the house if it had plenty of sticks in the yards. And, Ethan liked the house with the big basement (which also happened to be the messiest basement of all the ones we saw, but the eyes of a 4 year old only saw the size!) Although stick quantity can be a good thing for those aged 4 and under, it's not on the priority list for E&I's parents or us. Finding the "perfect" multi-family home has been quite challenging so far. Perhaps if we too just thought about the sticks our decision would be much easier.


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