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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Improvement

This is why we don't really do home improvements anymore! Here's a little sample of what it's like to try improvements with SJ around:

SJ: "Daddy, what's this?" [insert any tool's name here]
Daddy: "It's a tool to help me fix the floor."
SJ: "Can I have it?"
Daddy: "No, Sydney, I need it now to fix the floor."

SJ walks away with said tool.......

Daddy: "Sydney, come back, please. I really need that tool now."

SJ reluctantly gives said tool back....

SJ: "Daddy, can I have this wood?"
Daddy: "No, Sydney, I need that wood for the bathroom floor."
SJ: "But, I need it!"
Daddy: "You don't need it."
SJ: "But, I NEED it!!"
Daddy, trying to reason with her: "Sydney, you don't really NEED this wood."
SJ, getting a little more passionate in her plea: "But, I do, Daddy, I really NEED this wood!!"
Daddy, wanting to avoid a meltdown and trying to get back to work: "O.k. Sydney. When I'm done cutting the wood I'll give you what's left."
SJ, calming down: "Okay, Daddy."

Now, repeat same conversation about 20 more times in an hour and you really have a taste of our day yesterday!

On a side note, after nearly 12 hours of labor, Nathan did finish fixing and installing a new Pergo bathroom floor!


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