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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This morning SJ and I started off the day decorating some cupcakes to take to her school for the Valentine's Party. She did pretty well with the cupcakes, actually. She was even very reserved and didn't lick the spatula until we were all done decorating. (Good to know if you happen to be someone who is eating one of said cupcakes!)

Next, I took SJ to her school for the Valentine's Party. Last year I blogged about how I bought her the cheap-o cards and other kids passed out full-o-goodies goody bags. This year we splurged for the $3 cards and made cupcakes. Others I guess also felt the need to up the ante since there were lots of bigger candy bars and chocolate lollipops in all kinds of shapes and designs. Her whole bag was stuffed full of candy!

Her school had a special guest today: Elmo. A friend of one of the teachers dressed up in an Elmo costume. About half the kids were super excited and the other half were super terrified. SJ was somewhere in the middle. She seemed o.k. at first and then got a little scared. I don't blame her, he was kind of super-sized. She did not want to sit on his lap for a picture. She barely took the goody bag from him!

SJ also got to tell the kids a story (with some help from the teacher) and she seemed to enjoy this very much!

Overall it was a fun Valentine's Party. A little chaotic at times with all the kids and the excitement. I don't know how her teachers exhibit that much energy day to day!


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