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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Chicago, Day 4

SJ getting ready for her boat ride along Lake Michigan.

Another view of Navy Pier, where we went again today for a boat ride and more rides.

Part of the Chicago skyline, the tall building is the Sears Tower.

Here's little SJ enjoying the lighthouse ride at the Navy Pier with 2 big kids. The ride takes you straight up and the drops you down about 1/2 way. it's perfect for SJ sized kids and she had a blast.

SJ got a fairy painted on her face for free!

SJ dances everywhere!

Along the Chicago River. We loved visiting Chicago. It was such a friendly city, easy to get around, and very clean. There was so much to do and see and we'd love to go back sometime.

Taking a rest along the River Walk at one of the many stone benches. This was right after SJ had one of her only public tantrums while in Chicago. She was pretty tired after another busy day in Chicago!


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