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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Return to Germany

SJ, Nathan, and I had a brief 5 day trip back to Germany this week. Nathan spent much of his time in business meetings while SJ and I enjoyed the old stomping grounds from when we lived there back in 2006. SJ did great adjusting to the time change and overall she was great on our trip!

SJ enjoyed climbing on the wooden train. This one is a new one right near our old apartment.

SJ rediscovers the yummy goodness of the Belgain Waffles at the Christmas Market. One day she ate 2 whole ones by herself. She did not want to share with anyone! I think she might put a Belgain Waffle maker on her Christmas list this year!
Admiring the animated stuffed animal window display at the local department store with friends, Tomas and Camilla.

SJ and Tomas enjoy riding the kiddy rides at the Christmas Market! Last time we were her when SJ was 2 she had a lot of trouble understanding there was a limit to how many times she could ride. Thankfully this time she had a better understanding that she was limited to riding only a couple times and we avoid major meltdowns!
SJ spent one night with German friend, Jona, and his parents. They had a great time together and Jona got SJ hooked on Fireman Sam cartoons!


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