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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Another Unseasonably Warm Day

Today was another day near 60 degrees. Quite a change from a few days ago when we got nearly another foot of snow!

SJ was very excited that she could be outside today without a coat on and with only short sleeves. I thought it was still a little chilly, but SJ was not to be deterred. She kept chanting, "I'm not cold. I'm outside without a coat on!"

By the way, let me explain her outfit. Today was also a day we spent organizing some storage areas and we came upon SJ's summer clothes from last year. She immediately had to don her favorite summer shirt from last year - the flag shirt. This is on top of her favorite tank top, which she really wanted to wear, but we said it wasn't quite that warm! Then she found her Ohio State cheerleader skirt, which again she wanted to wear by itself, but we insisted again it wasn't warm enough to have bare legs. So, on go her size 3 pants that we now call capris. Finally, she donned some butterfly socks from last summer and she was all set to enjoy her "summer" day. (I also had to draw the line when she wanted to don her first swimsuit - a size 9 month 2-piece of which she actually still fit into the bottoms!)


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