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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Girls Party

Sydney got to invite 6 girlfriends to her birthday party - one girl for each year, which is why 6 was the magic number! It was a 2 hour party and was lots of fun for Sydney and her friends. For me and Nathan it was probably the fastest 2 hours of our lives! It was constant energy and excitement! Here are some of the highlights of the party:

The dining room before the party started. Each guest had a party hat, a Hello Kitty party blower, and a jewelry box to decorate with sparkly stickers. The girls also played pin the horn on the unicorn and dressed up as princesses. We didn't even have time to do our Bingo game or face painting!

Sydney "Then and Now"

The Birthday Girl

The Hello Kitty Cake

S and her friends

The aftermath...


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