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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cake Pops!

I was recently looking for a special dessert to serve at my Norwex anniversary show last week. I needed something bite sized and fun and I thought of cake pops! I had them only once before at my niece's birthday party 2 years ago, but they were delicious and the perfect dessert for the occasion! Since I was celebrating working with Norwex I made them "Norwex inspired." One of Norwex's trademark logos is a picture of a globe sitting in blades of grass (found here on their website) - very earthy and natural, just like their products. So, I produced this cake pop: globe in grass:

The making of the cake pops was kind of difficult - several dropped off the stick during the dipping. My handy husband gave me some pointers and got me on track to making beautiful pops. Since they ended up turning out great we were instantly thinking of when we could make them again. Well, in fact we were going to another party - a Super Bowl one, so we decided to make chocolate ones. I was more inspired by this blog and her beautiful football cake pops and thought we could do this. too! Mine didn't turn out quite as neat as hers, but I think they look pretty good:

I stuck them in a Styrofoam stand and then reused my green "grass" so the container looked like a football field:

Yummy! Unfortunately, they did not help our team to win the Super Bowl, but the party was sure fun!


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