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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Future in Acting?

No question that S loves drama. She loves dress up, too. In 2nd grade you study Fairy Tales and part of the assignment the kids were given was to choose a minor character in a fairy tale and rewrite the story from their perspective. Then each child had to come to school in costume and read their story in front of the class and the parents. S choose the Wicked Stepmother of Snow White.  Here's her story:


You probably know me, the wicked stepmother of Snow White. Well, you know the story of Snow White or at least you think you do. Well, let me tell you the story, the real story, by Ann Bray White, me. Well, let me get to the story.

One day I saw this man. He was walking along the road. I immediately fell in love with him and after dating for two months he asked me to marry him. Well, after the marriage I met his daughter, Snow White. I hated her at once because there was this girl in high school and she bullied me so much. I wanted to kill her and I thought it was her. This was my chance. I need to find a plan to kill her. I thought up one. I called a huntsman. I told him to kill her and bring me back her liver so I could eat it. But that plan didn’t work.

 One day I asked my mirror, “who is the fairest of them all?” The mirror answered, “Snow White.” “My, my, my,” I said, “I need to kill her.” I thought up another plan to kill her.  So, I dressed up as an old peddler woman. I went up to Snow White’s cottage. I gave her a poisonous apple. I knew she would die.  After that I was invited to a wedding. When I got there some police came up to me and arrested me. But then after I got put in jail I heard that the prince married Snow White. As I was telling you I thought Snow White was a different girl. That is my side of the story. The true story.  The End.

p.s. You can visit me at Fairy Tale Jail.   


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