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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Currywurst und Pommesfrites mit Ketchup

After the visit to the Chocolate Museum, we enjoyed what could be described as the German equivalent of a hot dog or hamburger. Currywurst and french fries are pretty much the ubiquitous fast food around here. They take a sausage, cut it up in this dicing machine, sprinkle curry powder over it, and then douse it in curry sauce and serve it with a tiny plastic fork.

It's actually pretty tasty, and even SJ likes it. Although that isn't too surprising since we've found that SJ likes meat in Germany quite a bit. We could never get her to eat meat in the States. She would even spit out pieces of ground beef in spaghetti sauce. But, she seems to be a big fan of German sausage, German bologna, and will even eat straight ground beef. Who can understand kids?


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