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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Off to Cologne!

This past weekend was somewhat of a turning point for us. For our first few weeks here, it was just about all we could do to try and find things to eat, figure out some way to keep cool, and figure out how to coaxe SJ to go to sleep.

However, after three weeks (and a change in the weather) it seems we have finally taken care of all of our basic needs. We know how to get food, we know how to throw away our trash (definitely worthy of a post at some point), our internet seems to be working consistently, and SJ is finally getting to bed on a consistent basis.

So, last weekend we actually found ourselves to be....well...bored. While living on a subsistence level is not great in many ways, it can be a little exciting. Or at least it is busy enough to prevent you from getting bored. So, last weekend we decided that we were going to make sure and go somewhere or do something this weekend.

Cologne was an obvious choice, since it is Germany's fourth largest city and within a 30 minute train ride from Bonn. So, it's off to Cologne we go!


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