SJ on the Move

Friday, September 22, 2006

An artist at work

Funny story about our trip to the Rheinaue. On the way back, we got off at University/Markt station which is the U-Bahn stop closest to our house.

SJ was in her stroller, since she was pretty tired, so we looked around the station for quite a while trying to find an elevator or ramp. Apparently, in what is rare for Germany, there isn't one - so we had to carry SJ up the stairs in her stroller.

Later that evening, I was watching the German equivalent of Saturday Night Live or MadTV. They had a comedy skit about a woman who was frustrated about trying to get her baby stroller down the stairs of the U-Bahn station.

Wouldn't you know, the skit was actually filmed on location at University/Markt station in Bonn! What a coincidence!


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