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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back from London

After just a few nights "home", we were off again for the weekend to London. I had a business meeting on Friday afternoon in the UK, so it was a good opportunity for a quick getaway.

We had an enjoyable time, but our trip was bookended by fairly stressful travel.

While waiting for the bus to the airport I realized that I had left my cellphone in the apartment. So, I ran back to our building, up to the 4th floor, grabbed my cellphone (thankfully I knew right where it was), back down again, and then back to the bus stop. Not a great way to get a trip started.

Then, after boarding the bus, SJ proceeded to have - undeniably - the worst temper tantrum of her entire life. It's really pleasant trying to hold a writhing child while she screams at the top of her lungs while confined in a small space with a bunch of other people. She was absolutely inconsolable.

Bear? No!
Paci? No!
Sit down? No!
Stand up? No!

The "crime" committed by her poor parents that brought on this tirade? We would not let her run up and down the aisles of the bus while it jostled down the highway at 70 mph. What cruel parents we are!

After about 10 minutes of incessant screaming (trust me, it only seems like a short time in the abstract) she switched out of tantrum mode and sat quietly for the rest of the trip. However, everyone's nerves were quite frazzled by the ordeal. Not exactly the best start to the weekend.


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