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Monday, September 04, 2006

Rhine River Cruise

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours from work arranged a Rhine River cruise for SJ and Tomas (and their parents). I think I heard that the Rhine River is the busiest river in the world, with some 300 ships passing Koblenz each day.

On this particular Sunday, we all took the train from Bonn up river to Bacharach. You can take a round trip cruise, but it takes quite a while. The train ride was enjoyable, and SJ and Tomas had a good time playing on the train.

At Bacharach, we boarded the boat which was a rather large, steam ship inspired ferry. Surprisingly, much of the boat was devoted to restaurants, and there was not a lot of outside seating where one could actually enjoy the scenery. It seemed that most of the people on the ferry were content to sit at a table and eat dinner - which to me seems like something you could do in any restaurant, for far less money.


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