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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

While this was SJ's third Christmas, it was a very special one, since she was able to appreciate everything much more than when she was younger. Unfortunately for SJ, she woke up on Christmas morning with a fever - so she wasn't feeling her best.

When we were in Germany, we saw many kids SJ's age with training bikes without pedals. The kids can sit on the bike and run or walk with them, and they are a great way for them to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. We thought about bringing one back from Germany, but SJ's mom contacted the company and found the contact information for the U.S. distributor - so we were able to order a bike for SJ on-line. This was a welcome relief, as we didn't want to have to deal with another piece of luggage on our return journey.

Thankfully, the bike was a huge hit with SJ. She could barely put it down the whole day. It is just a little bit too big for her, but we bought it with the plan that she would use it more this summer than right now - although currently it is around 50 degrees outside.

It was a very nice Christmas, as all of one side of SJ's family was able to be home for Christmas. She got a lot of really nice presents, including a little tea set that was also a huge hit.

SJ had a lot of fun throughout the day serving tea. Whenever someone said they didn't want any tea, SJ would say "Okay, coffee?" It was pretty funny.

SJ also got a big playhouse from her Aunty Em that she had a lot of fun with...

... and a new set of pajamas from her Uncle Ben and Aunt Ruthie. She really liked the pajamas because they had rubber duckies on them.


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