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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Siegburg Medieval Christmas Fair

While we have certainly enjoyed the Bonn Christmas market, for a change of pace we went to the nearby Siegburg Christmas market - which has a medieval theme.
We were not disappointed, as the Christmas market in Siegburg is filled with medieval musicians, artisans, and food. The vendors all supposedly speak in medieval German - but I couldn't tell. That is, I couldn't understand anything they were saying - but I also can't understand anyone at the post-office, either. Hmm...maybe the post-office in Bonn is supposed to be a medieval post-office. That would certainly explain some things.
One of the neat things about the Christmas market in Siegburg is that many of the vendors make their wares right there on site. So you can see people knitting - okay watching knitting is not exciting - but there are blacksmiths, and bakers making bread in wood-fired ovens right there in the market.
They also had lots of interesting food as well. We enjoyed some delicious spaetzle - which is the medieval equivalent of macaroni and cheese, as well as some kind of meat on a stick. Hmmm...medieval corn dogs!


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