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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Love Camels

A recent conversation with SJ:

Me: "Do you like whales?"
SJ: "I like whales."
Me: "Do you like dolphins?"
SJ: "I like dolphins."
Me: "Do you like sharks?"
SJ: "I don't like sharks."
Me: "Do you like doggies?"
SJ: "I like doggies. Woof."
Me: "Do you like spiders?"
SJ: "I don't like spiders."
Me: "Do you like alligators?"
SJ: "I don't like alligators."
Me: "Do you like lions?"
SJ: "I like lions. Roar."
Me: "Do you like camels?"
SJ: "I like camels. Humps."
Me: "Do you like zebras?"
SJ: "I like zebras."
Me: "Do you like cats?"
SJ: "I like cats."
Me: "What is your favorite animal, Sydney? Which one do you like the most?"
SJ: "Camels! I love camels!"

go figure....So, I made sure we went and saw the camels when we were at the zoo yesterday.


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