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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Friends, Little Einsteins, and Music

SJ was so excited to share her Little Einsteins show with her friends, Ethan and Isaac. The episode they watched is about a baby chimp who is lost and needs to find his Mom and Dad. Each Little Einsteins program features a special artwork and a portion of a classical music piece. We learned that the musical piece in this episode was composed by a Czech composer named Smetana. The piece is called The Moldau which is supposed to represent the sounds of the Bohemian river, Vltava. (We learned all of this from our muscially inclined friend and neighbor, Dan.) Dan actually made a cd for SJ with this piece on it. Sydney asks for the "baby chimp song" and loves to air conduct to it. She even can tell when the music is getting louder and she conducts a crescendo, a term she learned from her Little Einsteins! I don't actually know if you can take conducting classes or how one actually learns how to conduct, but for now it's one of SJs favorite things to do and she's super cute doing it!


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