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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Helping out in the kitchen

SJ "helped" me bake her daddy's birthday cake. She likes to pour the pre-measured ingredients in the bowl. Then she has to leave the kitchen because the mixer scares her. When the mixing is all done, she comes back to lick the spatula. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

SJ and I talked a few days ago about it being daddy's birthday. I asked her what she wanted to give him for his birthday and here's what she said:

Me: "Sydney, what would you like to give Daddy for his birthday."
SJ: "Drinks."
Me: "What kind of drink?"
SJ: "Milk."
Me: "O.k. I think we can get him some milk. Anything else you think Daddy wants?"
SJ: "Cupcakes."
Me: "Yes, cupcakes would be good to go along with the milk. Great idea! Anything else?"
SJ: "Toys."
Me: "Really? You think Daddy needs some toys? What kind of toys would he like?"
SJ: "A firetruck!"

So, SJ got her Daddy a little firetruck for his birthday. SJ's first words were, "Mine!" when he opened it. Nathan did promise to share his firetruck with SJ and that seemed to make SJ feel very happy.


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