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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Best Bubbles!

SJ loves bubbles. However, she always seems to get very messy while handling the bubble jar. Soap dripping over her hands, all over the bottle, all over everywhere. You other parents know what it's like, right?! SJ also likes to pour things. Yesterday she purposefully poured out all the bubble soap right onto the driveway. Hmmm.... Thankfully a jar of respectable bubbles only costs about 50 cents so its not a huge deal. But, it is still messy.

While shopping at a favorite store yesterday I meandered through the toy aisle. They had a pretty big selection of bubble toys. As I perused I came across one that said "Spill proof." It, of course, caught my eye. It had a little cup you poured the bubble juice in then scewed on the top, which was kind of egg shapped. A little wand stuck out the top - this one had Dora on it. I thought this was a perfect solution for SJ. Then I checked the price - $3.99! Woah! Thankfully it was on sale and I had a coupon so it only cost me about $1.50. A good investment I thought. When SJ tried the new bubbles at home she loved them. No mess, no spills. She was able to run and jump while holding the container! The wand even had a very small hole through which to blow. At first I thought this rather odd, but then realized that it's perfect for little kids who are just learning to blow since it's much easier to make small bubbles.

So SJ was happy blowing bubbles and I was happy she didn't have to come in the house covered with slippery bubble juice. A win-win!


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Jill P said...

C has one of those at Grammy's house, but he's figured out how to turn the whole thing upside down and pour the bubbles out. We usually just hose him down after bubble time. He comes in wet, but clean, and loves the "rain".


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