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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Aren't you cold?"

SJ's newest thing is that she has to wear her swimwuit 24/7. Well, we did instate a rule that you have to wear pajamas to bed. But, otherwise she's all around the house in only her swimsuit. She will put on clothes to go out, but as soon a we get home she takes them all off. Yesterday she she said she was a little cold and she requested hot chocolate to warm her up. I'm wearing 3 layers and am still chilly, but a little "warm" chocolate does the trick to warm up SJ. She did also admit to being a little cold yesterday when we were at the playground and she had to use the porta-potty. You can imagine having to take off your coat, shirt, and swimsuit just to be able to use the potty in 50 degree weather! But, she wasn't deterred. Of course, all of SJs animals also wear swimsuits around the house. 3 of her biggest bears actually wear her winter coats and sweatshirts as their "suit." Betcha they aren't cold!


At 10:24 AM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

That's funny. C will often insist he's just fine after using the bathroom in the morning as he runs around in his pajama top and underwear. I'm wearing big fuzzy socks, all the regular clothes, and a sweater, but he's fine.


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