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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Take Your Daughter to Work

Today SJ got to visit my work. Typically I don't work on Tuesdays, but on this particular day we were having a baby shower lunch for a coworker, Shoba. SJ was super excited all day to visit my hospital. She was very well behaved and personable during the lunch and made everyone smile and laugh. She watched intently as Shoba opened all her gifts and didn't even try to open any herself.
After the party SJ had a tour of the PT clinic. She got to try out the leg press machine, which was her favorite:

As we were leaving we stopped by the book vendor who had set up in the main lobby for the day. We picked out one book to by and SJ thought it was "so cool" that my hospital had a "book store." I had to tell her it was just for one day, so it was special. Then one of our patients, who was a former pre-school teacher, gave SJ a little stuffed kitten. SJ loves "Marlene" the kitty and has carried it with her everywhere since then.

When we got home SJ kept saying how it was her "special day!" I had to remind her that we went there to celebrate a baby who was to be born, too. "Oh, mine and Shoba's special day!"


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