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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Only in Harvard Square

Today we decided to check out Harvard Square's October Festival. We thought it might remind us of Germany and we'd get to eat some yummy sausage. We got there right before the parade started. The parade consisted of an ecclectic mix of small bands, scantily clad folks hola-hooping, folks on short bikes, tall bikes, and other odd bikes, lots of people on stilts, and other groups of folks that made us say, "...hmmmmm...." We never saw anything like this in Germany. Maybe we just didn't hit the big cities at the right time or something. However, SJ enjoyed dancing to the band music when she wasn't asking, "what is that?"

We did try the sausage at one vendor - didn't really remind us of Germay either. But we did get free samples of Cape cod chips, got to pay $4 for SJ to get a cat nose and whiskers painted on her face, and $5 for fried dough.

They even had a 213 foot couch along Church St. Supposedly the longest couch ever. SJ, Ethan and Isaac pause for a rest along the couch:

Even though it wasn't very "German" it was a fun time with friends and a beautiful day.


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