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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Three Hour Wait

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful wait
That started at the local airport, when we left the gate.

The mate was a little cute blonde girl, the Skipper was tired and sore
Three passangers set off that night for a three hour wait.
A three hour wait.

The weather outside was getting rough, the bag unloader was frozen
If not for fierceness of Old Man winter they'd be home by now.
They'd be home by now.

They waited for their bags that night in what seemed a deserted place
They couldn't leave and go home or their bags would be lost.
Their bags would be lost.

Three hours later they finally came and not a moment too soon.
With the big green one, the garment bag too, the little black one and its wife.
The SJ girl, the Daddy, and the Mommy
Finally went home!

If you could not gather from my rendition of Gilligan's Island theme song we had to wait 3 hours for our luggage after arriving home from Germany. The freezing weather froze the bag unloader and we were told, nearly 2 hours after we started waiting that we couldn't leave the customs area without our bags or we would not receive them. I don't know what Northwest was planning on doing with our bags if we left, but it certainly scared us into not leaving.

SJ was quite the trooper and played with the wife of one of Nathan's coworkers also on our flight. When we finally got our bags and got through customs we loaded up into a taxi for the slow, snowy ride home. Yes, it was snowy. Apparently all weekend it snowed in Boston with 1-2 feet of snow awaiting us when we got home. It wasn't the happiest of home comings, but we were so grateful to be home with all our luggage.

By the way, the little stuffed puppy SJ is holding in the picture is a replacement for her beloved Bear. We realized we left Bear at home as soon as we got to Logan Airport the day we left. We told SJ we'd buy her a new stuffed toy at an airport as soon we saw one. We bought this one while changing planes in Amsterdam. She actually did great with the new puppy and slept fine with it, but was very glad to be reunited with Bear when we got home!


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