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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arts Festival

Today we took SJ to our church's kids arts festival. Kids got to pick 3 "seminars" about different types/forms of art and got to experience that art hands-on.

First SJ went to Delightful Drama class. She had a lot of fun here acting like a princess and then performing a musical number with all the kids at the end.

Second SJ learned about floral arranging. She designed an ice cream sundae complete with vanilla ice cream (white carnations), strawberry ice cream (pink carnations), and a cherry on top (one red carnation.) It really looked good enough to eat! Then she also got to put 2 flowers into the arrangement that was to decorate the church sanctuary on Sunday morning!

Third SJ took a dance class. SJ donned her ballet clothes and galloped and skipped across the room! One of her favorite parts of this class was getting to color in pictures of ballerinas.


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