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Monday, July 13, 2009

NC Beach Vacation, part 1

We all enjoyed a wonderful Holden Beach, North Carolina vacation with some family! We stayed with our gracious aunt and uncle at their beach rental and were joined by some other extended family and some family friends. It was really a lovely house with a pool and right on the beach. The weather was warm and not too humid.

S met a new friend, Taylor, and they had a blast together swimming, doing crafts, and playing in the sand. S always wanted to dress like Taylor, which this day was made easy since Aunt Linda bought the girls matching dresses!

J had lots of people to hold him and help him nap. While we were gone J moved on to only waking up twice in the night rather than 3 times! Must have been that salty air!

J also got to go to the beach. He didn't mind his feet in the sand or in the water. I think it helped that the water was almost as warm as his bath water. When not swimming little J got to enjoy a new bouncy seat tucked inside a little baby tent!


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