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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Day at the Farm

We went to visit my lifelong friend, Shelley, her husband, Scott, and their 3 boys in Garrettsville, Ohio for a night. Shelley lives in a small farm and S was so excited for this new experience.

Shelley has a huge yard and has room for a large trampoline. S had so much fun on her first by herself and then with Shelley's 3 boys:

S enjoyed the dogs. Both of which were very mellow and didn't lick S - (2 qualities, that according to S, make the best kind of dogs!) By the way, Shelley and her husband make their own apple cider - that's the apple press thingy there in the picture:

Sadly S experienced her first bee sting while on the farm. Shelley knew right what to do though and pulled out the stinger, applied special bee sting medicine and gave S an ice pack:

S got to help feed the chickens and gather the eggs. She only dropped one really hard in the bucket. We then had to remind her that these were not plastic Easter eggs!

Shelley and Scott also raise cows and pigs that they harvest for meat. Right now they have 3 cows, but no pigs. They have 2 large freezers to store all the meat they have gotten from their animals. That night for dinner we had a great steak dinner that was from one of Shelley's own cows. The veggies were all either from her own garden or from a neighbor's. Dessert was an apple pie that Scott whipped up in about 30 min from apples picked in his own yard and a homemade crust. To drink S had fresh milk from the neighbor's dairy cow. The next morning the cream we used in our tea was freshly skimmed off the top of the milk - so yummy....

S also discovered she likes hot dilly beans. These are green beans that are made like a dill pickle would be and then you add Cayenne pepper. S loved these so much she even had a few for breakfast along with her juice and bagel:


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

How fun! I'm looking forward to the day when we'll have a farm like that!


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