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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lake Winnipesauke 2009

For the third year in a row now we have spent a week in Alton Bay, NH along Lake Winnipesauke with our families. It was a stellar week as far as the weather went and we had a lot of fun time at the beach, exploring the area, shopping, tie-dying, and taking a big boat ride. Here are some highlights:

S and Nathan on the Go-Karts!

J contemplating something at the beach ....

J has now been swimming in a pool, ocean and a lake! This day we went exploring and went to a State Park in NH along Newfound Lake. It was a beautiful lake with a great sandy beach and the water was quite warm!

As usual S *loved* being in the water. This year she has started swimming short distances (like 10 feet) all on her own and she is so proud. She's also getting more confident with jumping in. She liked to jump in off the dock, but it did take her about 10 minutes and a zillion "Count to 3's" until she actually took the plunge!

J with his Grandpa. They are modeling their tie-dye's from the NC beach vacation earlier this summer.

Working on this vacation's tie-dyes with Grandpa and Grandma.

S and Gami out for a kayak ride in Gami's new stylish pink kayak!

Playing in the water with Aunt Emily!

Enjoying Family Day on the Mount Washington boat on Lake Winnipesauke. They had face painting and a clown to entertain the kids with music and games!

Wearing our new tie-dye shirts on our way home from vacation! (p.s. It's amazing how many comments one gets when one wears a tie-die shirt with a group of people!)


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