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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sydney, A True People Person

We are constantly amazed at how outgoing and friendly S is. As soon as anyone talks to her she is their friend and she will talk to them forever. She even talked my Uncles into helping her ride her new bike. She also made friends with the landscaping guys working at my parents house. She was so excited to visit my college friends while here in Ohio even though she had either never met them or has no remembrance of meeting them. As long as they had toys (which they did!) and would answer her when she said, "Guess what?" she was their friend and was super happy!

She also became very fond of my brother, her Uncle Jeff. She was always anxiously awaiting his arrival for dinner, wanting to play with him the instant he walked in the door, and wanting him to sit next to her at dinner. She was also glad to have her own Tommy's pizza leftovers box, just like him:


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