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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jayden!

As I write this blog, the time is approaching 9:13pm, the exact moment that Jayden was born one year ago. I think I'll pause for a moment and reflect on the past year - I can't believe it's been that long already. Jayden has been such a blessing to us this year. He was an early smiler, which was good, since he wasn't a great napper as a little baby and he spit up a lot! His smiles would always melt my heart and I'd forget about all those little mishaps and having to change my clothes and his several times a day and about all the laundry that was piling up! After Jayden reached about 3-4 months hold his sleeping got much better and since then he's been stellar. All you have to do is lay him in his crib with his "sleepy puppy" and he's good to go. Mobility wise, he's starting to cruise around and pulls up on everything. Really soon we expect him to simply let go and walk on his own. Until then he'll crawl all over the place - he especially likes to try to sneak into the bathroom to play with the toilet paper roll! Jayden continues to be an overall happy and easy going baby. We can't wait to see what his second year of life holds for him and for us. But, at the same time I don't want to say good-bye to his babyhood. I wish I could keep him little for a little bit longer.

It has also been neat to watch the relationship with J and sister Sydney over the year. Jayden has been blessed with a wonderful big sister. Sydney has always been ready to lend a hand and play with Jayden. She's always watching out for him and he always smiles at her. She loves to tickle his tummy and make him laugh. I think Sydney is going to continue to keep a watchful eye on him as he grows older! He's so lucky to have her!

Jayden's birthday started with a late wake up time and then he got to spend the morning with his awesome nanny, Angela. I left work early today because Jayden had a doctor's appt. He had a follow up appt with his ENT specialist and alas, on his birthday, was told he'd need ear tube surgery and more anti-biotics for another ear infection. Jayden took the news in stride and later we shared a blueberry muffin together. We then picked Sydney up early from school. Later we walked to the bakery and Sydney and I picked out some special birthday cupcakes for everyone. Then it was time for the playground with friends before heading home for dinner. Unfortunately, at this time Jayden was getting very tired, fussy, and quite congested and overall not feeling well. We rushed him through dinner so he could enjoy his cupcake and his presents before heading to bed. He perked up a bit when he got some new presents (who wouldn't, really?!), but soon it was time for bed.

Since he's a little sick the bed time did not go as smoothly as usual. He cried. I snuggled with him. He cried. I rocked him. He finally settled and then went to sleep. Overall today ended like his life began one year ago - with cries and cuddles and lots of love.

We love you, Jayden, and are so glad God gave you to us to be in our family!

Jayden gets ready to attack his cupcake!

J decides sharing his cupcake with S is more fun than eating it himself.

Don't' be fooled. Yes, the cupcake is "gone", but it is only smeared all around his tray. I don't even think he was interested in one bite. The crumbs on his face are from us trying to "force" him to have a taste. He just wasn't that interested. Maybe another day when he's feeling better.
Hello toddlerhood...


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

Happy birthday, J!

Our kids were always more interested in ice cream than cake on their first birthdays.

Sorry to hear about the tubes. My niece had tubes a few times and they really made a difference for her, helping her stay well. Hopefully he'll feel better with them. And it's just outpatient surgery, now, right? Quick and easy! (Well, as much as possible.)


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