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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ohio - the final week.

We're back home now, but I wanted to post a few pictures from the final week in Ohio. This year's trip seemed to have 2 themes - animals and the outdoors. We had many opportunities to have hands-on animal experiences. You can already see from the posts from our first week about the horses, cows, dogs, and other animals at the State Fair. The second week started off by visiting a Dairy Farm complete with a petting zoo of cows and goats. J was not even afraid to let goats eat food pellets from his hand! Brave boy!

The kids also got to know Aunt Linda's dog, Lacy, better and Lacy and Sydney became especially good friends. This was much different from when we saw Lacy in December when S was pretty afraid of the dog.

We also had a bonus day in Ohio since our flight back on the 23rd was cancelled. Seeing as though we were already packed we headed to the zoo first thing on the 24th before our evening flight. We got to see the new Polar Bear exhibit at the zoo, which was quite exciting. The bears put on a great show and we even got to see them wrestling from the underwater viewing area!

And, we can't forget the petting area at the zoo where nice and docile goats just lay around waiting to be brushed and combed by the kids. S&J had a great time!

The second theme of Ohio's trip was the outdoors. I say this because S&J loved being outside at my parent's house. They live in a nice and quiet subdivision with straight, smooth sidewalks. J liked pushing or pulling a xylophone or his popping lawn mower up and down over and over again. S liked riding a little tricycle or her regular bike around, too. S&J were also very helpful to sweep Grandpa's driveway and sidewalk. J learned the word "outside" and would get very upset when someone left the house to go outside without him.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Ruthie said...

Jayden is very brave! Love the pic of the kids brushing the goat.


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