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Thursday, August 05, 2010

July - A Month of a Few Firsts

July 4th Family Photo
When you haven't updated your blog in over a month you realize that there have been many blog worthy posts, but the thought of how much time it would take to actually do the work becomes just too much. I will, therefore, just do the short version of what July held for us.

July started with Jayden's first trip to the Boston Fireworks. He stayed awake the whole time and stared intently at the fireworks. (Unlike his sister who for the first time in her life seemed afraid of them and sat in the stroller with the picnic blanket over her head!)

On July 11th we headed to Holden Beach, North Carolina for 12 days of fun in the sun with some of my immediate and extended family. Like last year it was a blast! Sydney swam for hours each day in the pool and really excelled in her swimming ability. She floated on her back for 2 whole minutes and swam for the first time with her face in the water. She also for the first time rode a regular bike (no training wheels) and did well very well!

While Sydney was learning biking and swimming, Jayden continued to master waving and saying "hi" to all the beach house folks. But his biggest accomplishment came on July 19th when he decided to start walking on his own! Sydney and her friend, Taylor, were cheering him on and since then he's only gotten better!


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