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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Day at the Boat Show!

Nathan wanted to take us to a boat show today. I've never been to one and wasn't super excited, but since it was at Patriot Place (the shopping mall area next to Gillette Stadium) I decided it could be fun since I figured I could duck out of the boat show to go shopping! I expected endless row after row of big, expensive boats, to walk around, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the boats on display were at the Bass Pro Shop, which is like an outdoors man's mega store. This huge place had indoor streams, giant fish tanks, a turtle pool, lots of engraved-in-the-floor animal tracks to follow, an outdoor working cranberry bog and nature trail to hike, a yummy snack shop that sold moon pies, ATV's to sit on, lots of moose statues, a giant whale hanging from the ceiling, glass elevators, tents to play in, and giant plush fish pillows! Oh wait! I forgot to mention they did have a few boats on display, too, and one the kids could get in and "drive" - but that wasn't the highlight of the day for them by far!

J and S by the turtle pool and water fall!

Captain J

S enjoying her hike

Hansel and Gretel...I mean, J and S

The Family!

So, it was a fun day topped off by a yummy lunch at Five Guys! When is the next boat show, by the way???


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