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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

“So this is Christmas, and what have you done?
Another year over, and a new one just begun.”
Merry Christmas!
This year we eschewed our traditional paper Christmas letter for this digital version. We’d like to pretend that it was all part of an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, but the convenience of the cloud during this busy Holiday season and the fact that this allowed us a precious few extra hours to put together our thoughts on the year were the main drivers. Next year we’ll prove our true digital hipness by sending it all in a series of tweets – NOT! J
Once again, the kids continuously outdid their parents in the personal improvement category. Jayden continues to attend pre-school three days a week with his best friend, Asher. He’ll be starting kindergarten this Fall at Hardy School. It seems like just yesterday that Sydney was starting there, too. Jayden celebrated his fourth birthday in May with a pirate themed party, and has been enjoying playing with toys related to robots, dragons, and ninjas. Jayden has become and expert at playing Temple Run on the Kindle. He started playing soccer this past Fall, and has been taking swimming and ice skating lessons during the seasonally appropriate times of the year. Jayden has also enjoyed “helping” Mommy with baking in the kitchen, and especially the eating part.
Sydney, now 9, has been tearing her way through 3rd grade – especially in reading and rocking her multiplication tables. She placed on one of the town’s travel soccer teams, so Saturdays this Fall were spent barnstorming around to various towns enroute to compiling a 6-2-2 record for the Arlington Avalanche. She’ll be playing Futsal (indoor soccer) and taking ice skating lessons this winter before Spring soccer starts up again. When not playing school, playing games on her Kindle, or making rainbow loom bracelets, you might be able to catch her practicing her violin – but you have to be quick J

Last year’s Christmas letter said that,  “Jill hopes to do fewer activities”. Unfortunately, Jill ended up as a PTO Vice President and Nursery Coordinator at Highrock Church, so that was one wish for 2013 that was unfulfilled. There doesn't seem to be a dull moment in her days with various volunteer work, kids and household responsibilities, but she did get a weekend away in June to celebrate her 40th birthday with the friend she’s had for nearly that long! The big 4-0 also gave opportunity to celebrate with a few close friends during an adults-only dinner party.

This February will mark ten years for Nathan at Simon-Kucher & Partners which has coincided with 3 World Series victories for the Red Sox, a Bruins Stanley Cup, a Celtics Championship, and a SuperBowl victory for the Patriots. Not bad. This year found him in the usual LA, San Francisco, and New York/Philadelphia haunts, but also brought him to Madrid (twice), Lisbon, and Germany. He continues to play Ultimate Frisbee on Sunday afternoons, and this year had the added benefit of being accompanied by Sydney – who instantly became a fan favorite.

Our family highlights for the year included our family vacations with a trip to Disney World with Jill’s parents in February – it is definitely the place where memories are made. In August we spent two weeks with Nathan’s parents in Maine, swimming, fishing, and visiting StoryLand. Sydney also has the opportunity to try her hand at tubing on the lake.
We probably should be sending a Christmas card to the X-Ray technician at Harvard Vanguard given our many trips there this year for Sydney, Jayden, and Jill – but our hope for 2014 is that we will be able to put in permanent storage our collection of crutches, aircasts, and knee braces!  May the new Year bring good health to you as well!

Many Blessings,
Nathan, Jill, Sydney, and Jayden


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