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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mainz - St. Martin's Cathedral

Mainz is home to St. Martin's Cathedral, which is the second most important Catholic cathedral in Germany (after the one in Cologne).

Interestingly, there were several kings of Germany that were crowned in this cathedral, as at one point in time Mainz was the seat of Roman power in Germany. As I have mentioned before, it seems like every place we go to in Germany was at one point in time the capital of one kingdom or another.

As soon as SJ fell asleep, we made a mad dash for the cathedral hoping that a) we'd get to explore the cathedral at our leisure, and b) that the dark, quiet space would enable her to take a long nap. We were successful with the former, but not the latter. We saw as much of the cathedral as we needed to, but SJ awoke after only about a half-hour nap - which made our later trip to the ruins of St. Christophe's Church that much more welcome.


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