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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cochem - A good day

All in all, SJ had probably her best travel day ever on Saturday. She was a delightful kid all the way to Cochem, even though the train was crowded and she wasn't able to have her own seat (SJ likes her own space).

There was another little girl of slightly younger age on the train who was crying, and SJ proactively offered the little girl one of her books.

Even though she didn't get much of an opportunity for a nap all day, SJ was also completely well behaved on the way home. She had a lot of fun, giggling and laughing. It really made the day fun to have her behave so well.

We passed the half way point of our stay here earlier this week, and after today I started to feel like I would miss Germany when our time comes to leave. There are so many new things to experience here, and every weekend really feels like a weekend. Weekends for us in Boston always seem to consumed with errands and chores that they don't really feel like much of an escape from the week But here, every weekend we've had the opportunity to go someplace interesting, or experience something new. It's been a real treat.


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