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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brussels Day 2

Our next day in Brussels, SJ and her mom hung out at the playground for the morning while I gave a presentation. In the afternoon, we decided to take a bus tour of Brussels, since many of the tourist attractions aside from the Grand Place are a bit spread out.

The most notable attraction we saw on our tour was the Atomium, a 165 billion times larger model of an iron atom that was created for the World's Fair in Brussels in 1958. It was originally designed to be torn down after the World's Fair, but became an icon for the city and was recently restored.

One of the things that's really great about having kids is hearing them say bizarre words like "Atomium". SJ was quite taken by the Atomium, and couldn't stop talking about it.

The other significant visit of the day was to Mary's Chocolates in Brussels, who is the official chocolatier of the royal family in Brussels. Her shop has pictures on the wall of famous people visiting the store, including of course the King of Brussels, but also George and Laura Bush.

The chocolates were definitely pricey, but we have to admit they were quite exceptional. We purchased some other chocolates in Belgium as well, but we were quite spoiled after trying the chocolates at Mary's.

In the evening we took a short train ride to the next stop on our Belgium tour, Ghent.


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