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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bagel Brothers

Since today is a slow news day, I figured it was time to share a little bit about our 'home away from our home away from home' here in Bonn - Bagel Brothers. Bagel Brothers is a small chain of bagel shops with about 12 stores in Germany.

It's interesting, because it is a German company, but the restaurants are clearly American style. For example, the restaurant offers special deals on 'ein Dutzend' bagels (a dozen), even though people in Germany never use the term 'Dutzend'. In fact, I once went into the store and asked for a Dutzend bagels, and they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about (even though the menu says "Dutzend").

There are many reasons why we quickly adopted Bagel Brothers as one of our favorite hangouts. In the summer, it was one of the few places that had air conditioning - which was a welcome relief. Bagel Brothers is also nearly always open - well at least for Germany. They are open until about 10 p.m. (which is really, really late for Germany) and they are also open on Sundays, which is also pretty rare. There is only one other bakery in Bonn that is open on Sundays, that we know of, and they are only open for a few hours. Bagel Brothers is open all day.

It's also relatively cheap, and pretty good as well. It's kind of a cross between Bruegger's Bagels and Au Bon Pain back in Boston. They have bagels, but most people go there for the bagel sandwiches - which are really very good. It's very easy for me to stop there on my way home and pick up dinner. SJ likes it as well, which is very helpful.


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