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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our weekend

Since we've been doing a lot of traveling lately, this weekend we decided to just stay around Bonn. The weather was supposed to be pretty dismal this weekend (it was), which also contributed to our decision to stick around. It had been a rather pleasant week, with weather in the high 50's for most of the week.

Friday night my department had a special dinner event, sort of a very delayed 'summer outing'. It was a wild boar roast held at the Waldau, which is the wild animal park that SJ enjoys quite a bit. We didn't tell SJ that the food we were eating was probably one of the animals she had seen running around on one of our previous trips to the Waldau. She's a little young for that life lesson.

It was a nice dinner, and SJ was incredibly well behaved. We were very proud of her.

On Saturday, the Kaufhof department store unveiled their big Christmas window display. They had a large number of robotically animated stuffed animals moving around and dancing to various Disney tunes - auf Deutsch. SJ enjoyed looking at the animals and listening to the music, so we hung out and gazed through the window for quite a while.

After that, we went and played at the playground and on the train for awhile. It was a rather dreary day, but it was still important to let SJ get out and run around for awhile.

I also took the opportunity to get my haircut, a rather nerve-wracking experience since the hairdresser not only didn't speak English, but spoke German with a Vietnamese accent. Well, my hair was at least shorter when I left than when I came in. Whether or not it was an improvement or not is open for debate.

Unfortunately, the weather was even worse on Sunday. We made a return trip to the Kaufhof to watch the animals some more, and also made a stop at Mr. Baker to get our Sunday morning pastries.

We also let SJ run around for a bit through some of the puddles. It was too wet to go to the playground, so we had to let her get some energy out somehow.

It is nice that Sundays feel very relaxing here in Bonn, but they also tend to be rather boring since absolutely nothing is open. Next week the Christmas market opens up, and that is supposedly open on Sundays - so at least we'll have something to do for the last few weekends that we are here.


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