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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rothenburg/Nuremberg - Day 7

The previous night, we went on the 'World Famous Nightwatchman's Tour' of Rothenburg. I don't know how one gets to be world famous, but I remember seeing the nightwatchman's tour on Rick Steves' program.

If you ever go to Rothenburg, I would definitely recommend the tour. It's a one-man show - just one guy who's been doing this tour for the past 16 years. He gives a good overview of the history of Rothenburg, and also tells a pretty fascinating story about the battle for Rothenburg at the end of WWII.

In the morning, we went and checked out the local playground. SJ has a definite eye for playgrounds, and this one did not disappoint. Good swings, nice slides, and of course a great backdrop.

One of the other nice things about our hotel was that they had an outdoor cafe area that was deserted during the day. So, we were free to pick up some sandwiches and SJ's favorite Apfelschorle (carbonated apple juice) and enjoy them in the cafe for lunch.

We also checked out the Crime & Punishment Museum in Rothenburg, which aside from the town itself is one of its biggest tourist attractions.

We were glad we went, although we don't feel any need to go again if we're ever back in Rothenburg. While it certainly is an impressive collection, it's a bit much.

I don't think I'm exaggerating to say there were more than a dozen displays of original executioner's axes and swords. Once you've seen one display, there's little need to see a dozen more.

After that we strolled around a bit more just taking in the scenery. Rothenburg is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in Germany that we've visited, if not the most beautiful.


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