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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Science Museum

After my late night of watching Star Trek, I got a decidedly later start this morning. I still wanted to hit a few more museums in London, so I took the tube into South Kensington to visit the Science Museum.

It is a pretty nice museum, although it is pretty similar to most other science museums - planes, rockets, cars, large machinery, etc. However, the exhibit on energy certainly did make me chuckle.

The thesis of this particular exhibit was whether human 'poo' could be a valuable energy source, and therefore a valuable commodity in the future.

So, when you send your kids to school they would have a special lunchbox with their 'Lunch' on one side, and their 'Poo' on the other. Thankfully, well labelled so as not to mix the two.

They also talked about how when you went over someone's house, you would collect your poo and give it to your hosts in a special gift bag, as a polite way of saying "Thank you for your hospitality". Hmmm....I don't think so.

After the Science Museum, I walked next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which in a continual theme, is absolutely enormous. I didn't even try to walk through half of it - it was just too large. The V&A had a lot of great sculptures, and a lot of fancy china and exquisite linens. However, overall, I wouldn't say it was exactly my cup of tea.

I then continued up the street to Harrod's the world famous department store, made even more famous by the death of Princess Diana. It's an interesting store, but it was much too large and too crowded for my taste.


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