SJ on the Move

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Great Outdoors

SJ is really enjoying her time in Ohio. She wants to go outside at every possible opportunity. Her grandparents have many types of lawn games and SJ has also gotten a wiffle fat bat and ball and a little golf set since she's arrived. SJ tends to make up her own rules for games rather than following the suggested rules that have been with these lawn games since the beginning of time. For example, today we tried to teach her Bocce Ball. In SJ's version she stands about 6 inches from the while ball and holds the big ball way up high then drops it so it hits the white ball. Success if she hits the ball. She tries again if she misses. My Mom and I tried to play the old fashioned way but SJ always interjects with a, "Here, I'll show you," and proceeds to try to teach us her way of doing it. We tried to set up her little wiffle golf set yesterday but again she had more fun just putting the balls inside the caddy and rolling it around "like a wagon." And, bubbles. We got her a big bubble wand sort of thing and she proceeds to flick the wand so as to splash others with the bubble juice. All this before dumping out the soap all over the patio! I guess that is why most lawn games, wiffle sets, and bubbles say "Ages 4+." Oh well, as long as she is having fun!!!


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