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Friday, June 15, 2007


SJ likes to watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Recently an episode aired that was all about swimming. Mr. Rogers went swimming with a friend. SJ loves this episode and asks for it all the time! The episode starts with Mr. Rogers showing the television neighbor his swimming gear - cap, goggles, and swim fins. He then "remembers" going swimming with a friend. Cut to the pool and the 2 of them swimming. The music that plays in the background is very soft piano and violin music and Mr. Rogers narrates the scene with his usual soft, slow speech. (The music actually makes me think of the kind of music I heard the last time I got a massage at the spa.) Anyway, it is quite soothing and peaceful. You actually come away from it very relaxed. It's a great scene for SJ to watch before going to bed. Next time I'm having trouble falling asleep maybe I'll cue this one up on TiVo and watch it myself!


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