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Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Experience

Today we visited Jordan's Furniture in Reading. We have been to other Jordan's, but this was our first trip to this one. It was pretty fun for a furniture store. This particular Jordan's is Boston themed. When you first walk in you are amazed at the back wall which has a huge Green Monster display who is "eating" a Yankees player.

Also in the front area is the Liquid Fireworks display which is a lighted water fountain show set to music. Every 1/2 hour you get the patriotic show and every 10 min you get another show set to current pop music.

There's also an indoor trapeze, but we just watched that. We'll leave the trapeze arts to my sister-in-law, Ruthie.

There was even an ice cream place and lots of chairs where we could sit and watch everything that was going on. SJ got a "kiddie" cone and it was large enough to feed all 3 of us!

Finally, we sat SJ in the taxi cab stroller (free, by the way) and strolled around the furniture store. She's a little sad because she wanted to stay in the fun area and not go look at couches!

I can really understand now why Jordan's theme is, "Not just a store... an experience." You should check it out sometime!


At 12:33 AM, Blogger Ruthie said...

I highly recommend the trapeze school. They even have a 6 weeks course, where in the end you have a mini-performance exhibition for friends & family... :)

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