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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome Grandma and Grandpa!

Today SJ welcomed her Grandma and Grandpa from Ohio. She was so excited all morning before they came and insisted on watching out the window for them. Friday they will take SJ to her first movie!


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Kagahn said...

See here or here

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

What movie is she going to see? I feel like there are a lot of good ones this spring and summer for little kids and have been thinking of taking First Son again.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Jill said...

They went to see Horton Hears a Who. SJ apparently sat in her seat the whole time and was very well behaved!

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Jill said...

I don't know who posted that first comment (kagahn) so I don't recommend clicking on those links.

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

You can remove comments on your posts. Just go to Posts in Blogger and click the link that says "5 comments" (or however many). On the page that comes up, you'll notice a tiny trash can next to the date and time for each comment.


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