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Monday, July 14, 2008

Everything's better with ice cream

As SJ's parents contemplated life, the universe, and everything and tried to fit the same into recycled cardboard boxes this weekend, SJ's Gami and Papi graciously agreed to host SJ and provide her with the sort of attention (with a big assist from Aunt E) her immediate family was unable to provide.

SJ had a great time, but unfortunately, left her precious Bear at Gami and Papi's house. Now, some of you might be thinking - having read previous blog entries - does't SJ have 3 other bears? You would be correct, however there is still one Bear (capital B) that is somehow uniquely different from its other genetic clones.

After realizing that Bear was not with her, SJ went into a major meltdown. The only thing able to bring her back to reality was an ice cream sandwich, and the promise that we would drive 2 hours roundtrip to fetch Bear later that evening. But, it turned out to be a relaxing evening drive and it helped mellow SJ out enough after an amazingly fun weekend so that she could fall asleep - Bear in hand - when we finally returned home.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Kansas Mom said...

Woe to the parents who forget a lovey! (We've been very lucky to have kids who are a bit more relaxed about which copy they have, though First Son often asks for both his giraffes now that two live at home...but usually only when he's sick.)


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