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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The day before Easter SJ did her egg decoration. She always has lots of fun with this. At the end she usually ends up dipping a few eggs into EACH cup before finally declaring it's done. I tried to get her to see the beauty of just a solid purple or solid blue egg, but she firmly believed adding ALL the colors to one egg was the way to go!

On Easter Sunday we all went to church. Since it was a special day there was no children's church SJ had to stay in "big" church with us. Our pastor was giving a great Easter message and said that Easter was not about bunnies and candy, but about Jesus' resurrection. Well, we know SJ was listening since after he said the part about Easter NOT being about bunnies and candy SJ looked over at us and said with a very serious look, "It really IS about those things." Just in case anyone else overhead I quickly added, "Well, it's about Jesus first, then about bunnies!" I guess it shows us that we still need to work on helping SJ reflect on the TRUE meaning of Easter.

After we got home from church SJ did her at-home indoor egg hunt which involved about 5 dozen eggs, mostly plastic ones. It took me and Nathan a long time to hide them all.

Then we headed up to Newburyport to spend the day with Nathan's family. While there he hid some eggs outside for SJ to find in the back yard. This outdoor egg hunt seems to be a tradition for Nathan's family. They say it then doesn't matter if you can't find an egg! One year SJ's Aunt Emily found an egg from the previous year. Yeah, I can imagine the smell that egg would have caused if it was hidden inside. Anyway, in Boston tradition, the weather was cold - only about 45 degrees and very windy. (The good news was that at least it was sunny out.) Right after this picture was taken SJ ran inside to put on her winter coat!

Overall, SJ had a great day with lots of egg hunting, candy eating, and receiving of little Easter gifts.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger bsallee said...

Nice looking family! You guys must have good genes.


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