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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Us and Them, Day 1

This is the start of my series of posts called "Us and Them." Nathan and I went to Bermuda to celebrate our anniversary. Last July was our 10th anniversary and since Jayden was still so litle and we were still so tired we did not really do much to celebrate. We vowed that instead we would plan a trip together for this year. We asked my parents to come and stay with the kiddos while we were gone and they were happy to do so. So over the next days I'll post pictures of what we were doing in Bermuda and what S&J were doing in Arlington.

Here's Day One:

Upon arriving in Bermuda we took a ferrry to the West end of the island called Royal Navy Dockyard. It has a nice craft market and a few restaurants. There was also taste testing of Bermudian rum, fish chowder, rum cakes and pepper jellies. We got a chance to see some glass blowing take place, too.

After going to a friend's birthday party at the park, S&J played at home. Later in the afternoon there was a "macroburst" through East Arlington that brought down lots of trees in the neighborhood. Our backyard was spared of the tree that fell from our neighbor's on the right to the neighbor's in the back, crushing a fence on it's way. We were so thankful that the tree spared our new fence and more importanty, the new sod lawn. The upside is that what was once a very shady backyard corner is now a very sunny backyard corner. I think some of my bushes there will like the change. My impatiens might not though.

S and J also got to be with their Grandma on her birthday:


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